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Today’s Classic: The Rape of Proserpine

1. By Nicolas Mignard (1651)

2. By Simone Pignoni.(1650)

3. By Rembrandt (1631)

4. By Roman School (c. 1700)

5. By Albrecht Durer (1516)

6. By Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1632)

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The Five Stages of Grief | Victoria Siemer

Denial | Anger | Bargaining | Depression | Acceptance 


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opal/diamond/gold ring

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Lupe Fiasco. Good for health, bad for education. My first piece for charity. Inspired by “Tetsuo And Youth” draws from the seminal Anime film “Akira” and the theme of the album’s single “Mission”, an anthem of hope for cancer patients and survivors to create the image here. A small girl receiving treatment for the affliction stands, creating art as therapy. The colours blended to create Lupe’s face are a nod to Tetsuo’s mutation in the third act of the film, the unfinished piece of his face, the outside of Chicago, his hometown and the trademark pills from the Manga can be seen in the print of the child’s hospital gown. All proceeds go to Stand Up 2 Cancer.
All paper & ink are archival, 16″x20″ glossy. Hand numbered, limited edition of 50.

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Hub Creatic | TETRARC architects

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